MONDEGA Natural Spicy Sauce is a completely handmade product, patiently made in Portugal.

This unique, one of a kind product, is carefully and patiently made by hand from an ancestral recipe, using only the best natural products.
After long maceration, followed by the separation of its “must” and filtration and selecting only the best, we obtain this product of limited production.
Extremely tasty and balanced, it is like love, “which burns without being seen”. It will accompany us throughout the best moments of our life, at our table, and we will be able to share it with our friends and family with great pleasure.
We traveled the world to find the best products and the best solutions, to offer the “best” natural spicy dressing, in the “best” package.
And this took us “only” 6 years to achieve…!

In Africa, we found the best “Bird´s Eye Chillies”, derived from real sustainable agriculture practiced by very small and poor farmers.
We are proud to help them, offering them the seeds they need to produce about 50 times more chili peppers than the ones we buy.

Its exclusive pipette allows us to control the amount we want to have on our plate.

The recipe is ours but the pleasure is all yours…!

Enjoy it…

We are proud to participate as an Associate Producer in the exclusive “Fine Wines & Food Fair” of Vila Vita Algarve, one of the best gastronomic festivals in Europe.

More than a week of pure gastronomy, delectable cuisine and mouth-watering creations, paired with the finest wines, under just one roof.  This is VILA VITA’s Fine Wines & Food Fair, a gastronomic event second to none in the VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa.

VILA VITA Parc Fine Wines & Food Fair


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